Replica HX,

Thirty years and still going strong

The history and tradition of VBM is all concentrated in the Replica HX with heat exchanger, which for thirty years has never ceased to excite the baristas in love with this epic E61 group. Replica embodies the very history of VBM. A coffee machine that in terms of both technology and style, has a direct link with the epic past of italian coffee making proudly inspiring the entire VBM 1961 line.

Steel on the outside,

A warm heart inside

The design of Replica has been evolving since the first model created in 1983. When creating Replica, we have never saved on the use of materials that characterise the design of this espresso machine. All Replica machines are made in steel of the highest quality, perfectly manufactured and assembled to create elegant and modern forms with a gently vintage design.

VBM 1961

Gruppo VBM E61,

A timeless icon

The espresso-brewing Group by definition. A timeless icon that has indelibly marked the history of Italian coffee making over the last half-century, and not only. A small gem of Italian mechanics dating back to the sixties that is still successfully installed on many professional machines, with an aesthetic so appealing that it remains proudly in sight on all 1961 machines, so as to not lose any of that timeless charm that no one has been able to equal.

  • VBM 1961
  • VBM 1961