Replica pistone,

The timeless charm of true mechanics

The Replica Pistone is not for all baristas. Only those capable of understanding its secret and taming its wild spirit, are truly ready to be won over by its timeless charm. Pistone, like all Replica machines, embodies the very history of VBM. A coffee machine that in terms of both technology and style, has a direct link with the epic past of Italian coffee making inspiring the entire VBM 1961 line.

Design and mechanics,

Appeal to the romantic side of all baristas

In the world of coffee machines, nothing can be considered as fascinating as the piston group. Both the mechanics and the aesthetics of the great levers make the Replica Pistone a unique and inimitable machine, an instrument that becomes a piece of design and absolute protagonist of any setting. The use of stainless steel is a distinctive element of all VBM 1961 machines and, for the Replica in particular, steel is everything. The aesthetic elements are made entirely in polished steel; a robust and shiny casing that covers all sides of the machine.

VBM 1961

Piston group,

Return to the origins of espresso

Choosing the piston group means taking a journey back in time through the decades of the history of espresso: a return to the origins, when the boundary between man and machine was indistinguishable, and the sensitive touch of the barista made the difference between a decent espresso and an exceptional one. This is why many baristas consider the lever coffee machine an unparalleled must-have and, still, the only machine that truly makes an espresso “as once”.

  • VBM 1961
  • VBM 1961