12 January 1976

From Valente and his intuition rises VBM

The design of the 1961 is an ongoing process that began long ago, in order to obtain a modern aesthetic but preserving the original and distinctive features that allow us to maintain a strong link with a past of timeless charm. The use of steel is a hallmark of all VBM 1961, an art, more than a technique, that VBM preserves since its inception: the result is a sleek modern design, gently vintage with all the most important mechanical elements as steam/water taps and brewing groups, rigorously exposed.


The first transformation

In the late 70's the laboratory VBM starts churning out its first models : Domobar and P1 attract so much attention from the market that same Faema, in 1983, acquires a shareholding in the capital of the competitor.

In 1985 the company experiences its first important transformation: with the coming of a new majority owner, Pietro Osnato. He introduces a marked-oriented strategy and a focus towards pragmatic growth.
VBM starts to evolve from commercial-lab to commercial company. This is how born the Dosatronic models, the first electronic Replica and re-launches the Domobar Super, a model dating back to 1979, that had anticipated the market needs by almost a decade.

90' and 2000

The adulthood

The company grows internationally consolidating it’s strenght in the Northern European markets and gaining a significant presence in Spain and Portugal.
The New Millennium, with its renewal energy related to the Internet and the “global village” model, brings a new generation of managers at the helm of the company. Passionate and prepared, they indroduce extreme care in the product design process, in line with the new requirements of public places furnishing. That’s how Cube and R-Evolution models are born, as well as Lollo, a small gem that provides great technology to smaller realities with lower coffee volumes. Historic models Replica and Domobar are renewed, benefitting from an increasingly well-finished aesthetic.


The revolution

2015 is the year of VBM’s big production effort with the launch of two new lines: VBM 1961, characterized by its vintage look, and the very new VBM Tecnique, which introduces a completely redesigned extraction group, once again a step ahead of its competitors.

In 2016 , driven by his passion and by a new cross-cutting approach, VBM approaches to celebrate its 40th birthday and to reach the heart of every barista, offering more advanced, intuitive and quality products that anticipate and meet the desires and needs of all the baristas to get them to fully express their creativity, with excellent results and less effort as possible.