Milan, 15 July 2015

A revolution for coffee professionals: Vibiemme invests in research & development

Vibiemme – a company specialised in the production of espresso coffee machines for professional and domestic use – has been investing 20% of its turnover in Research & Development since 2014, in order to create a new line that will be launched, as a preview, during Host 2015, which is one of the most important international exhibitions in the catering and hospitality sector, scheduled to take place in Milan between 23 and 27 October.

In recent years, the Sector has witnessed the creation and development of numerous innovative formats, which are radically changing the Coffee-making world, due to their increasingly wide and varied offer. In this scenario of constant change, Vibiemme is revolutionising the technical and aesthetic elements of its machines, to satisfy the most recent market trends, while remaining loyal to its tradition and identity. The new series, that is characterised by a cutting-edge technology and a futuristic design, represents the ideal choice for professional Baristas, who want to offer something new to their Customers at all levels: from the atmosphere of the establishment to the taste of the espresso, through to all the other coffee products.

Changes in consumers’ lifestyles and eating habits have generated the need to create multi-functional and multi-offer retail establishments, that cater for all the key moments of daily activities, from breakfast to after dinner stage. As a result, the design of establishments has undergone a rapid evolution that has driven the creation of new concepts: a striking example of this is the bakery-café, where coffee and bakery products coexist. In this regard, bars retain a fundamental role in the Out of Home supply chain, with 149,085 businesses and 5 billion euros of transactions*, with coffee accounting for about a third of turnover and representing the crucial element for the consumer in terms of choice of the establishment.

It is a competitive scenario, in which professional Baristas are required to be even more qualified, creative, and ambitious, always remaining up to date and researching the product. These Espresso Artists, who are drawn towards experimentation, are continually searching for functional and high-performance equipment that, aside from increasing the Business’ profitability, enables the aroma and taste of the espresso to be highlighted, thus simplifying their job.

The new Vibiemme line is the result of a collaboration with a renowned Italian designer. It will be an elegant and user-friendly solution, which is technologically sophisticated yet easy to use, and will ensure the best coffee, with the lowest possible effort, in order to satisfy increasingly demanding and knowledgeable consumers.

Cristiano Osnato, the Sole Director of Vibiemme, states: “We are very satisfied with the results we have obtained in the design and prototyping phase: rather than restricting ourselves to making incremental innovations to previous models, we wanted to develop a revolutionary technology - while remaining loyal to our tradition - to allow professional Baristas to continue experimenting with original blends and new extraction techniques. This is certainly a longer process, that requires time and significant investments, but, along with the complete restyling of our Corporate Identity, it will enable us to acquire a distinctive competitive advantage in the market.”

*Source: Fipe-Confcommercio

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