Milan, 23 October 2015

The age of innovation is here with the new line Tecnique by VBM: A refined “blend” of technology and design for a perfect “brewing”

The age of innovation has arrived at Host 2015 with Vibiemme - a company specialized in the production of espresso coffee machines for professional and domestic use - which presents a preview of Tecnique: an unprecedented range of espresso coffee machines designed with the Barista in view, its fundamental “element”. A sophisticated “blend” of technology and design founded on absolute control of the brewing temperature, an essential factor for a perfect coffee brewing.

When developing the new internal architecture of Tecnique, the company focused on extraordinary thermal stability, creating a revolutionary third-generation brewing group. Two models of machines to satisfy both the Baristas who aim at excellence and those who like to experiment: Impression One, dedicated to those who always work with the same blend of coffee and are looking for an extreme repeatability of results that can fix the memory of an unforgettable sensory experience in the customer’s mind, and Multi Impression, for those who want to express their creative instincts and always work with different blends at the same time, often of a single origin.

Both versions, One and Multi, are equipped with an Operating System - an intuitive electronic interface that allows easy and quick programming through a 4.3-inch full-touch display. More specifically, One ensures constant thermal stability repeatable for all groups, unattainable with traditional systems, and a great simplicity of use thanks to the single display. Multi Impression ensures thermal accuracy and revolutionary versatility with 2 to 4 displays - depending on the number of brewing groups - for the programming of different temperatures on each item.

Therefore, with the new Tecnique and the historic 1961 series, today Vibiemme has positioned itself on the market with the new concepts of “As once” and “As never before,” which aim to interpret and satisfy the two souls of modern coffee-making, a positively nostalgic soul tied to tradition and a more cutting-edge soul. “Passione Audace”, in the 1961 line, consists of the series Replica and Lollo, and owes its name to the first brewing group E61, different from the Creative Instinct of Tecnique, as this one features the first and unique brewing group with the Thermospiral System TS System.

An innovation in extraction systems and the first of an infinite number of results achieved with Tecnique. The peculiarity of this technology lies in the creation of two separate thermohydraulic circuits, a passive one for keeping the system at the same temperature, and an active one for brewing the espresso.

More specifically, the passive circuit, saturated with distilled water, keeps the entire system at the same temperature, thanks to the principle of thermosiphon circulation, a more evolved system than the one already in use in the E61 group, as it is independent of other additional sources of heating, such as heat exchangers. The active circuit is directly connected to the network which, via a solid double spiral copper body immersed in the passive one, allows to heat the amount of water required for brewing coffee instantaneously, for a total thermal stability, with one degree Celsius accuracy, even in case the steam boiler is turned off.

There are many benefits that derive from this new approach in the internal architecture of Tecnique: first of all, huge energy savings through the ability to use low consumption heating elements. Secondly, use of clean water, always: the low operating pressure of the heating circuit has made it possible to use plastic saturated with distilled water thereby eliminating the deposit of limestone on heating elements, thus preserving their efficiency.

Tecnique is also exclusive in its aesthetics and ergonomics. The high level of engineering has enabled Vibiemme to reach a greater structural strength. In line with the Company’s great tradition in steel processing, all plastic parts have been coated with a skin of steel plates, which, in addition to further strengthening the machine structure, protect all sensitive parts. Thanks to its modular design, the new Tecnique multiplies the work space but minimizes the distance between all the devices and their commands, to have everything “at your fingertips” and ensure greater convenience and speed of execution. With a light tap on the button Thunder Steam, the Barista is able to free the condensation nozzle before whipping, cleaning it with extreme ease from milk residues. The filter holder Easy Flat was designed to be finally set on the countertop horizontally, for a coffee pressing which is simply perfect. Moreover, its soft-touch ergonomics ensure an excellent grip, ideal for never losing your handhold. Finally, with a height of only 47.7 cm, Tecnique allows you to get closer to your Customer in order to ensure a continuous dialogue with them without visual barriers in the middle.

Cristiano Osnato, Chief Executive Officer of Vibiemme said: “Tecnique is a very important innovation in the field of professional equipment in the Ho.Re.Ca. world. It can make a significant improvement in the day-to-day work of those who use it. Every little detail was designed precisely in order to simplify and speed up work so that even cleaning becomes easier and more comfortable at the end of the day. An example of this is the innovative Cup Pad, a cover made of soft food-grade silicone, which, in addition to making the cup-tray quieter, can be easily folded and washed in any type of dishwasher”.

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