Milan, 22 Gennaio 2016

From the brave passion of 1961 to the creative instinct of Tecnique: VBM at Sigep 2016 with its two "faces".

Vibiemme - a company specializing in the production of espresso coffee machines for professional and home use - participates in the SIGEP 2016 (January 23 – 27, Rimini Fiera, Hall A1, Stand 156) one of the most important events in Europe's coffee & bakery sector. The record edition of 2015, with an attendance of over 187,000 visitors, 38,000 of whom came from abroad, confirmed the prestige of the event. And 2016 is promising to further enhance the excellence of Made in Italy and its numerous segments of the sector.

A high-profile showcase of Vibiemme, who on this occasion will present the expert audience its innovative Tecnique Line: a new generation of espresso machines for professional use with unusual aesthetics and ergonomic architecture, with a new dispensing unit concept whose extraordinary thermal stability is only the first of the countless innovative achievements this year.

It's a revolution in the coffee-making sector that allows Vibiemme to secure new market position with a new product perfectly expressed in the concept "As once" and "As never before". An essential claim that aims to understand and satisfy the two souls of modern cafeteria: a positively nostalgic notion tied to the tradition, and a more adventurous and experimental note. That is, between the Brave Passion of the Line 1961, consisting of the series Replica and Lollo, which owes its name to the first supply system E61; and the Creative Instinct of Tecnique, with innovative TS System (ThermoSpiral System).

It's an exciting journey which, for its Top Clients at SIGEP 2016, Vibiemme wanted to symbolically turn into a unique sensory experience for the palate, presenting a limited edition of two coffee chocolates, designed and produced for the occasion by a Maitre Chocolatier Ernst Knam - an internationally acclaimed pastry chef also known as the protagonist of important Italian television shows such as "The Chocolate King" and "Bake Off Italy".

Furthermore, Vibiemme asked Paolo Scimone - trainer and consultant for various companies in the coffee sector , as well as Master Coffee Roaster at His Majesty the Coffee, his own roasting in Monza - to select and roast qualities of coffee that could accompany tastes and aromas of the two chocolates .

A single-origin coffee, coming from India, produced by Sethuraman Estates, for the brave passion of the 1961 range, draws the spicy notes such as pepper and cardamom, coupled with the classic taste of coffee ganache flavoured with anise. Select ingredients and unconventional approaches represent the creative instinct of Tecnique - ginger with garlic and fermented black tonka bean, skilfully mixed with a Blend Modoetia combining Costa Rica and Ethiopia, to obtain a pleasant note of bitter almond. Moreover, even visually, the two chocolates recall the colours of the new Brand Identity designed to represent the two souls of the Company: White and Blue for 1961 and Black and Orange for Tecnique.

"VBM is one of those Italian companies that can proudly boast four decades of research and achievements in their field." comments Cristiano Osnato, CEO of Vibiemme. He adds: "Since 1976, our company designs, manufactures and sells worldwide the espresso machines that have accompanied generations of bartenders, pastry chefs and restaurateurs in their profession and it is thanks to the collaboration that has been established over the years with many of them that our solutions have evolved to make them more user-friendly and performative. Tecnique is, to date, the highest expression of evolution ever reached, that integrates the best of the previous lines in highly innovative details that make it a powerful and accurate technological tool, able to render barista's work faster and more fluid and, at the same time, more comfortable." He concludes: "On the occasion of the SIGEP 2016 we created a tabloid that will be distributed at the fair, where we tell about our 40-year milestone and give voice to some personalities of the Food & Beverage world. Among these we want to thank, in particular way, Ernst Knam, for giving us two souls of chocolate, and all those who collaborate with the company, sharing our values ​​and our passion for the world of coffee at 360°".

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