Milan, 28th of July 2016

Ciack! VBM 1961 is rolling

Vibiemme's spot dedicated to the espresso coffee machine line VBM 1961 has started shooting last week.

As once

VBM 1961 machines are well renowned and praised among professional bartenders all around the world for many reasons. Like the elegant design, gently vintage and rich of exposed mechanical elements, but above all because they are equipped with the E61 Group that, even after 50 years after its inception, still today represents the undisputed icon of the Italian espresso. Even more, the use of prime grade steels and a meticulous assembly by hand recall the decade that has celebrated the Italian coffee in the World: the wonderful Sixties and their never-ending charm.

The right scale

The "smell and taste" of the Sixties are what is being captured and impressed on the film during the shooting. A result that is obtained by wearing dresses of the time: for women, bright colors and optical fantasies with big glasses and soft hair styles; for men, shirts and pants with natural warm colors with stripes and checks. By using original vehicles from that period (built to last, functional and with soft curves) and above all by selecting special locations. For the external scenery were chosen some of Veneto's most beautiful and characteristic little towns like Asolo, Marostica and Cartigliano: places depicted in postcards where time and space seem to have stop leaving intact a sane, genuine and familiar life, free of the frenetic world and the chaos of the big cities. These are rare and precious places, a proud heritage of Italy. Even the internal locations are structures that hosted important people and were part of special moments in the Italian history.

From the storyboard to reality

Even if the spot's story is fiction, Vibiemme has pretended the upmost precision in every details, so much as to ask Andrea Faggiana, professional bartender and AICAF Trainer to meet with the troupe and instruct the actors on how to move correctly around the coffee and the espresso machine but most of all to check the settings of the VBM 1961 (together with the correct weight and grinding of the filter) so to achieve a rich and intense extraction, as a real Italian espresso should be. In line with the philosophy and the expectations of VBM 1961

Waiting for the video release

Every great and important project requires time. While the actors and the filming crew keep shooting, the postproduction work will be a long task, but there will be, for sure, the occasion to share some small anticipations. #VBM1961

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