Milan, 26th of September 2016

Gianni Cocco and VBM together to shoot the video of real cup.

For the professionals of the coffee world, Gianni Cocco doesn't need an introduction. He has made himself a name in the latte art, is the defending champion of the Gran Premio della Caffetteria Italiana 2015, holds the second placement in the category "Barman of the Year" for the Barawards contest (promoted by Bargiornale) and is a usual co-presenter with Marzia Viotti in the Rai show "DettoFatto".

As a professional Bartender, Cocco is an Italian Coffee Trainer for AICAF (Accademia Italiana Maestri del Caffè) and an Espresso Italiano Trainer for IIAC (The International Institute of Coffee Tasters), roles that have allowed him to travel all around and work with all kinds of espresso coffee machines.
Between the various producers, however, there has always been a special relationship with the Vibiemme brand. «I have always loved the VBM 1961 machines—told Cocco—in particular for their design and style that has remained constant over time. They are ergonomics and with a great distribution of the space between the head groups, characteristics that allow for easy and precise operations. In the espresso coffee machine's world, there are lots of different approaches to the extraction technique but I truly believe that with Vibiemme it is possible to achieve excellent results regardless of the selected blend or single origin coffee used. And do you want to talk about the steam wands for the milk frothing? They are excellent, especially for the latte art techniques!».

From the reciprocal respect between Cocco and the Milanese company, sparkled the idea of shooting a video to show how to brew an excellent espresso using VBM 1961 machines of the Replica series. In the scenes, it is unveiled a classic but rigorous preparation of an espresso, based on the best techniques and with a succession of precise and rapid commands that a good machine should execute promptly. And there is more. In the video, Vibiemme and Cocco wanted to highlight the various aspects of the brewing that make for a great espresso and that go beyond the classic controls regarding the water quality, the coffee selection, the correct grinding and the correct amount in the filter. For example, there are «constructed gestures - explained Cocco - that are not well known but very important. When we brew the coffee, even if the cup has a conical shape, it is important to advance it as mush as possible to the spouts so that there is no sudden impact with the coffee and it gently reaches the bottom; this allows for a better cream deposition and a perfect pouring without halos».

Going beyond the basic "rules" that every bartender should know and that are the starting point for anyone who wants to start a career in this job - remember 25 ml of drink for 25 seconds of extraction at nine bar of pressure - a precise fine scale has become a must have equipment for every bartender that looks for an excellent extraction, not just a simple accessory used because it s now trendy to do so.

And the binomial factor Cocco-Vibiemme is going to continue on the next 20th of October 2016 at the Espresso Italiano Champion semifinals during which Cocco will challenge, using a VBM 1961, the other professionals selected in the preliminary contests of this competition.


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