The TS System, heart of Tecnique,
has revolutionized the espresso extraction

TS System is the revolutionary heart of VBM Tecnique, the new line of espresso machines VBM designed starting from its fundamental "element": the Barista. Its aesthetics, ergonomics and internal structure have been completely innovated, like the ThermoSpiral brewing system, which guarantees an extraordinary thermal stability and is just one of the uncountable goals achieved.

Two separate circuits

Total temperature stability and clean water

Thanks to the complete independence of the brewing system for espresso compared to the boiler for services, the VBM Tecnique models reach a complete thermal stability with a precision of up to a single degree centigrade even in the event of the steam boiler being switched off.

Inside the TS System coexist two independent circuits. A passive saturated circuit of distilled water that preserve the system temperature thanks to a thermosyphonic circuit that has been completely redesigned compared to the E61 group. An active circuit connected directly to the water mains which is immersed in to the passive circuit through a copper structure with a double spiral, enabling the temperature of the brewing water to be increased in a very short distance before coming to the coffee.

Morever, this system doesn't alter the water quality during heating or erogation, thus obtaining always-clean water for a superior quality of the product in the cup.