VBM 1961.

incites your brave passion.

1961 are all designed to give you a unique experience that will be the beginning of a long journey of emotions. The '61 machines are deliberately simple, yet high-performance, meticulously hand-built by the mechanics of VBM to respect the philosophy on which they were designed: creating high-quality machines, following the Italian tradition based on the use of VBM - E61, a purely rich heritage that has been passed on by Carlo Ernesto Valente, the one who desired and created VBM.

Lollo, pistone and replica,

Forged from steel.

The design of the 1961 is an ongoing process that began long ago, in order to obtain a modern aesthetic but preserving the original and distinctive features that allow us to maintain a strong link with a past of timeless charm. The use of steel is a hallmark of all VBM 1961, an art, more than a technique, that VBM preserves since its inception: the result is a sleek modern design, gently vintage with all the most important mechanical elements as steam/water taps and brewing groups, rigorously exposed.

VBM 1961

VBM e61, e64 and pistone supply systems

Mechanical emotions.

A magic born in 1961, thanks to a brilliant intuition of Carlo Ernesto Valente, with the creation of the first thermosiphonic and mechanical pre-infusion supply system. Thus was born the undisputed icon of Italian espresso that in the last fifty years has continued to give unforgettable emotions. Based on the same mechanical principles and made ​​with the same construction quality, now you can count on many more forms of VBM E61 supply system, from the exclusive and even more traditional piston group to the electronic version of the VBM E61 group, up to the VBM E64, a version streamlined and simplified of the E61 that retains unaltered all the best features of the most advanced version.

  • VBM 1961
  • VBM 1961