VBM Tecnique
Enhances your creative instinct

Everything in Tecnique has been meticulously devised to provide baristas of all levels, who are seeking excellence and love to experiment, with a high performance and precise technological instrument. It will make their work easier and enable them to free their creative instinct by focusing solely on the search for a perfect extraction and fix in the mind of their customers the memory of a fantastic sensory experience thanks to the exceptional repeatability of the result.


In conceiving the technology behind the Technique line, we cared about understanding the different needs of those who will use our machines. We arrived at the conclusion that the essential element, fundamental for anyone who wants to extract his own coffee in a perfect way, is the absolute control of the supply temperature.

Impression One

The Tecnique model that gives you a constant and repeatable thermal stability on all groups, that is simply unachievable for both traditional heat exchanger machines, and even the majority of the more ad - vanced multi-boilers. Thanks to the single full-touch 4.3” capacitive dis - play, you can simultaneously set the same temperature on all groups.


Multi Impression

The Tecnique model that any Professional Barista would want and should have. It has a thermal precision and versatility that were unimaginable until now and a full-touch 4.3” capacitive display - for 2 to 4 groups as required - for the direct and complete control of extraction and all setting options of your Tecnique.


Thermo-spiral technology

Total temperature stability

We have designed the third generation of extraction systems. We have exploited all of the advantages of the thermosyphon systems and we have resolved the critical aspects of saturated group technologies. The result? A complete thermal stability with a precision of up to a single degree centigrad.

Clean water

Preserve your water purity

From today, with TS System, making coffee using water with the same characteristics as the one that comes from your filtration systems, becomes possible: no more stagnation, you decide what water you want for your coffee and with your Tecnique it will always be the same water.

OS One and OS Multi

All for one...
... Multi for all

All VBM Tecniques are equipped with a genuine Operating System. This is an electronic interface where everything has been conceived to be extremely functional and intuitive, that has a speed of interaction between person /machine that will leave you speechless.Two OS versions for two models of Tecnique, OS ONE with a single display and OS MULTI for the model with a dedicated display for every TS System.